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Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado

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TrigenicsĀ® is an innovative method of pain relief because it reprograms brain-body communication processes without side effects or the need for surgery. At Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado in Littleton, Colorado, you find all the latest innovations for pain relief and optimal function. Ron Spallone, DC, and the team are ready to help you, so call the office or click the online booking link.

Trigenics Q & A

What is Trigenics?

Trigenics is a neurological assessment and treatment system that can completely retool brain-body communication methods. Through the Trigenics system, you can quickly do all of the following things:

  • Ease pain
  • Speed up the healing process after an injury
  • Boost muscle strength
  • Improve range-of-motion and flexibility

Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado offers Trigenics because it's a completely noninvasive way to help you recover and even achieve optimal health. 

When would I need Trigenics?

Trigenics is a good solution for many types of chronic musculoskeletal pain and function problems. Some of the conditions for which Trigenics may be helpful include:

Because Trigenics is a natural treatment system, it's safe for use in patients with osteoporosis and even cancer.

How does the Trigenics system work?

During Trigenics, your Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado provider performs resistance exercises to check your range of motion and flexibility. That helps them to identify abnormal muscle signaling while finding the areas where you need improvement.

Your provider uses a special adjusting tool, an ArthroStim®, equipped with a MultiProbe attachment, to perform a treatment in the proper area. This device stimulates tendons, ligaments, and muscles, causing controlled displacement. 

This specific type of tissue displacement triggers your brain to send nerve signals to that stimulated tissue. 

During treatment, you do special therapeutic breathing exercises. Your provider directs your focused breathing exercises as they perform treatment, which means you're working as an active team member rather than simply receiving treatment.  

When do I notice results after the Trigenics treatment?

Most patients have much less pain after only one Trigenics treatment session. In most cases, you achieve optimal long-term benefits from a series of treatments. 

Trigenics combines very well with other noninvasive treatments such as chiropractic spinal manipulation, nonoperative spinal decompression, and K-Laser® therapy. Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado can design a customized Trigenics treatment plan for you. 

Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado is proud to offer the most cutting-edge non-surgical pain relief solutions available. Find out how Trigenics can help you in as little as one treatment session by calling the office or clicking the online appointment link.