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Core Strengthening Specialist

Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado

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Whether you’re overcoming an injury or want to function better day-to-day, core strengthening training at Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado in Littleton, Colorado, can get you where you want to be. Ron Spallone, DC, and the team of core strengthening specialists can target your muscles to improve strength and function, giving you an easy-to-follow regimen that yields excellent results. Call the office or click the online booking tool to learn more.

Core Strengthening Q & A

What is core strengthening?

Core strengthening is an exercise regimen that focuses on the core muscles. The key core muscles include:

  • Traverse abdominis - abdominal muscles around the navel
  • Internal and external obliques - long rib-to-pelvis muscles
  • Rectus abdominis - “six-pack” muscles
  • Erector spinae - head-to-back muscles

These muscles are very important in many physical activities. You need strong core muscles to hold a toddler, carry heavy grocery bags, and do other routine daily activities. Athletes focus on their core muscle strength because strong core muscles help them perform at their peak. 

What does core strengthening involve?

Core strengthening involves a variety of different customized exercises. The Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado team tailors a program that may include exercises such as abdominal crunches, abdominal presses, planks, side planks, and more. 

The team may recommend using fitness tools such as hand weights, fitness balls, or kettlebells to enhance the results of your core strengthening. In the beginning, you learn the exercises at the office. 

Then, you continue core strengthening exercises in your home, at a local gym, or both. The fitness experts at Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado can monitor your progress during regular appointments to help you achieve the results you want as quickly as possible. 

What results can I expect from a core strengthening program?

Core strengthening improves the strength of your core muscles and trains your muscles to work in tandem. These exercises focus on improved core stability, which means that you’re safer and more efficient when you go about your daily routine. 

After a core strengthening program at Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado, you should notice that little things like getting out of a chair and bending over are easier.  

Reduced pain, especially back pain, is a significant benefit of core strengthening. When your core muscles are strong, your back has more protection as it heals from an injury. Also, you’re less prone to back injuries and pain in the future. 

You may even notice better posture, improved balance, and more stability as you go about your daily routines.

Learn more about how a core strengthening program at Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado can help you overcome pain and fine-tune your whole-body wellness today. Simply call the office or click the online appointment maker.