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Chiropractic In Littleton/Ken Caryl

Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado

Alternative Medicine & Chiropractor located in Littleton, CO

Though often used to treat back or neck pain, chiropractic care offers more than just relief from discomfort. At Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado in Littleton, Colorado, Ron Spallone, DC, and the team provide progressive chiropractic care. Dr. Spallone has been recognized by the Colorado Chripractic association as the "Sports Chiropractor of the Year" and he was also named National Chiropracyor of the Year by the Chiropractic assosiation for the Care of Elite and Professional Athletes. He hs recieved numerous other local and national awards. We take a holistic approach to health, evaluating your whole body, not just your pain complaint. Then we employ innovative tools, techniques, therapies and/or regenerative medicine to optimize your body’s health and well-being. Call the office or schedule your chiropractic appointment online today.

Chiropractic Q & A

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a health profession that takes a hands-on approach to care. At Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado, the team provides progressive chiropractic medicine, taking a holistic approach to health and well-being.

With progressive chiropractic medicine, the team focuses on body alignment. Misalignment of your spine or joints interferes with the transmission of nerve signals to various organs and muscles, resulting in adverse changes to overall health and well-being.

Restoring alignment with chiropractic care re-establishes the lines of communication, improving health and function. 

Who benefits from chiropractic care?

The Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado team provides chiropractic care to treat a wide range of health needs and conditions. You may benefit from progressive chiropractic medicine if you’re suffering from:


The team also specializes in chiropractic for kids and sports chiropractic to treat sports injuries. Chiropractic care also benefits overall health and well-being and makes an excellent addition to your wellness program for disease prevention.  

What are chiropractic services?

Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado takes a professional and unique approach to care and offers many chiropractic services to meet a wide range of health needs. 

Chiropractic services include:


The team customizes care specific to your needs and goals.  

What happens during a chiropractic evaluation?

The specifics of your chiropractic evaluation at Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado may depend on your health needs and goals. The team takes a holistic approach to care and conducts a thorough exam to assess your overall health and well-being.

They first ask about your need for chiropractic care, review your health concerns and symptoms, and discuss your medical history. The team performs a physical and may request diagnostic tests to better understand your health and confirm or rule out a diagnosis. Testing may include lab work, X-rays, or other imaging tests.

The Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado team reviews their health assessment with you, offers treatment recommendations, and schedules regular follow-up appointments. The frequency of your visits may depend on your diagnosis and needs.

Once you reach your health goals, the team designs an active maintenance program to keep you fit and healthy.

For progressive chiropractic care, call Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado or schedule your appointment online today.