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Ron Spallone, DC

Chiropractor & Clinic Director located in Littleton, CO

About Dr. Spallone

Dr. Ron Spallone, DC is the clinic director and owner of Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado in southwest Littleton, Colorado near Ken Caryl.

Dr. Spallone was a reent graduate of a pre-law degree in college, waitng to be accepted nto law school when he was hit 65-mph head-on by a drunk driver.

After near death and a painful, emotional and unsuccessful battle to recover with a plethora of prescription drugs as his only treatment, he became distrought and nearly ended his own life.

After soul searching, he decided to search for an answer. He sought out natural and drug free treatments to attempt to regain his life, which he thought would never be the same.

Through a long multi-year journey to regain his health, via chiropractic care, massage therapy, head injury therapy, acupuncture and counseling he regained enough life and health to muster up a perseverant attempt to do something with his new found improvemnt. He wanted to change other peoples lives, just as the natural care health team helped him do and decided to become a chiropractor instaed of a lawyer. From that point on, he has dedicated his professional life to helping others overcome pain and regain their lives, naturally.

Dr. Spallone has seen it all from both sides, as a patient and a treating doctor: the intense pain, desperation, recovery, and, eventually, triumph​. Every day when he’s helping people through their pain, he draws from his past experience as a patient to help get his patients to reclaim their health. Because of his past, and the blessing of recovery, he does it with extreme passion, true understanding, and perseverance.

Throughout his 27 years as a practitioner Dr. Spallone has always been on the forefront of change to constantly get better results.

The current clinic is truly one of the most unique and advanced alternative health care offices anywhere around. We have a skilled medical provider with a holistic philosophy who offers all-natural, very effective, advanced alternative biologics medicine and metabolically based solutions for even the most chronic of conditions.

This is neither your typical strip mall chiropractic office nor an insurance or Big Pharma driven commercial business. We pride ourselves on building deep relationships while offering non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical outcome-based treatments in our own diverse, unique and caring way. Our patients successes fuels our continuous passion to serve.