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K-Laser Treatment for Arthritis - Littleton Chiropractor


Littleton, Colorado chiropractor patient describes laser treatment for hand and finger arthritis using the K-laser at Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado, 10268 West Centennial Rd, Suite 201, Littleton, CO 80127, (303) 794-5255 Chiropractic clinic near Denver, Colorado provided Laser therapy for pain relief. This Littleton chiropractor review was given voluntarily to share her experience with laser treatment for her hand and finger and arthritis. The laser used was not a cold laser or low level laser, it was a class IV laser which can penetrate deeper to help treat the symptoms of pain and inflammation of conditions such as osteoarthritis. Treatment can be very effective and usually requires 4 or more treatments. Arthritis in hands and wrist and arthritis in feet or ankles can cause pain, discomfort and dysfunction. Symptoms of arthritis can come about slowly over time and may be debilitating. Class IV laser therapy as a treatment for arthritis may be an option for arthritis pain management.


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