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Injury Treated With Laser After Car Accident - Best Treatment- Littleton, CO


Many times following an injury sustained in a car accident, like a whiplash, the choices in treatment should not be aggressive, but passive, comfortable and provide some relief. After many motor vehicle accidents when someone is injured, we use a class IV K-laser in our Littleton clinic which can help reduce inflammation, decrease pain and help heal the damaged tissue without causing the patient any risk or discomfort. Manual, traditional chiropractic adjustments can be necessary in some cases but in some they are not. Passive yet effective therapies like the therapeutic cold laser treatment can really be one of the best treatments that can improve the outcome of the patient and help in the acute phase of care when a person wonders what to do after a car accident. It is wise to look for an expert when searching for a specialist in treating injuries from a car accident.

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