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Trigenics is a technique that Dr. Spallone uses frequently in our Littleton, Colorado complimentary and alternative clinic as an effective non-surgical solution to chronic and complex musculoskeletal conditions like chronic knee pain, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and more.

Trigenics® is a neurological treatment system which resets the way the brain communicates with the body to instantly relieve pain, accelerate healing and increase strength and movement.

Trigenics combines resistive exercise neurology with nerve-sensor manipulation and breathing biofeedback” retrain the brain 




Trigenics combines resistive exercise neurology with nerve-sensor manipulation and breathing biofeedback” retrain the brain into changing the way it signals the muscles and the body…or super simple:

“With Trigenics, the doctor treats the muscles while the patient does resisted exercises with therapeutic breathing.

The results are oftentimes astounding as there will be literal “makeover” in terms of how the muscles that control a joint are influenced. Tendons, muscles, ligaments and cartilage including capsules and meniscus in the knee can wear down over time, in part, due to subclinical neurological dysfunction that causes the muscles that stabilize the joint to become weak and not support the function of the joint. Corticosteroid injections do nothing to enhance the function of joints but do carry detrimental side-effects. Trigenics improves the anatomical and functional condition of the joints and muscles and nerves that innervate the joint in question so not only does one feel better but they will 'work better' and last longer.

On a deeper level…

Trigenics is a medical manual assessment and treatment system which uses interactive applied functional neurology to reset the way the brain communicates with the body. The result is that of immediate, dramatic pain relief with instant increase in strength and movement.

Patient who suffered from chronic knee pain for years tells how

his first treatment went below...

Trigenics® is not a soft tissue treatment technique, although the result of treatment using Trigenics is often the correction of many conditions which appear to be soft tissue in nature. In some cases, Trigenics® works as a stand-alone system of care although it is often used as an integral and critical component in a multidisciplinary approach to condition correction.

Treatment procedures and outcome are based upon manipulation / stimulation and concentrative breathing biofeedback. Trigenics essentially incorporates three proven treatment techniques which, when combined with new advancements in neurokinetics, synergistically facilitate convergent neurological pathways for an amplitude summation effect for consequent resetting of efferent pathways from the lower brain that dramatically relieves pain and restores normal tonicity, strength and length of muscles.

What does all that science mean for you as a patient? Please see videos above!

With Trigenics®, the patient is a multilevel interactive participant rather than a passive or simple active recipient in the treatment process. The dramatic effects of Trigenics® are synergistic as multimodal is far more powerful than unimodal.


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