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How Fast Your Injuries Heal After a Car Accident,

Depends on What You Do For Them

Let’s say you are involved in a car accident in Littleton or the surrounding area. You develop neck and back pain and end up going to an Emergency Room to find out the extent of your injuries.

The doctors discover you have a herniated disk in your neck, a strain and sprain of your low back and whiplash. These diagnoses explain the constant pain you have, the headaches, dizziness, vision disturbances, and extreme tiredness and fatigue.

The doctors release you from the hospital that same day and tell you your treatment is to take it easy, rest, wear a cervical collar, and use painkillers plus ice to numb the pain. This means you will have to wait and see if your injuries will get better on their own, dealing with all the pain in the meantime.

You’re aggravated and frustrated because you didn’t ask to be involved in a car accident in Littleton. You were hit from behind while doing the right thing by waiting for the traffic light to change. And now you have pain that interferes with the way you work, sleep, eat, socialize, and has ruined your present high quality of life you have worked so hard to get. You can’t even work out anymore at the gym due to the injuries from the car accident in the Denver traffic.

You did everything you can for your injuries, right?

Wrong! You’re now living in the second decade after the year 2000. Things have changed drastically for treating whiplash and injuries caused by car accidents.

Do You Believe That Medical Studies Can Prove That Some Treatments Work for Whiplash Injuries from a Car Accident?

Science has discovered many new facts about treating injuries from a car accidents. Here are a few of them:

1. Forget The Crutch of a Cervical Collar

Twenty years ago, it was standard treatment to give a cervical collar to patients who had suffered from car accident injuries, a fall or blows to the head.

But now, the truth has been revealed – whenever you are immobilized after having a sprain or strain in the neck or back with a cervical collar or back support, your recovery time is extended. The only time immobilization is essential is when there’s a fracture of the C1-C2 vertebrae; the collar can prevent paralysis.

However, wearing the cervical collar for whiplash lengthens the time you’ll take for recovery.

In one study of patients who wore a cervical collar, a high percentage of patients (62%) never even missed a day of work after their whiplash injuries from a car accident never wore a cervical collar. Of the patients who missed about 12 days of work, most of them had been wearing a cervical collar.

2. Headaches and Shooting Pain From Whiplash Doesn’t Have to Last Too Long

Researchers in Canada analyzed 31 different studies of patients who had suffered from whiplash injuries from a car accident that was causing headaches and pain that went into the shoulder or down the arm.

They found that there was one thing that made the biggest difference in the pain levels and headaches – the use of strengthening exercises along with stretches. They also found that pain levels decreased and neck range of motion increased when eye muscle exercises were practiced. The Canadian researchers concluded that when the exercises plus manipulation was started, it was much more beneficial for all the patients.

3. You Need Someone Who Will Educate You on What To Do

Another study done by researchers in Belgium found that patients who had just suffered whiplash injuries from a car accident benefitted greatly and reduced their disability when they were educated about exercise and how to change behavior to get maximal healing from their chiropractor. 

Even patients who hadn’t had much care after their whiplash injuries from a car accident benefitted greatly. This is called a multidisciplinary program of care – and many research studies are reporting similar findings.

The old idea of waiting to see if your injuries improve is simply not a good strategy any more.

4. Pain is Not Imagined

Changes occur in the brain after you suffer whiplash injuries in a car accident in Littleton or elsewhere.

In 2013, researchers reported in the Journal of Forensic Legal Medicine that neurons change their structure in the brain after whiplash injuries. The anatomical changes that occur worsen pain signals and leave you with higher levels of pain. Your brain’s central nervous system becomes hypersensitive and you begin reacting to anything and everything with a pain response.

This is the big reason why you could be in a lot of pain but your doctor can’t seem to find out why you have the pain.

5. Shooting Pain is Not Pain You Have to Live With

Shooting pain is another problem that occurs from back or whiplash injuries from a car accident.

In one study of 162 patients with shooting pain, 85.5% of those who received 9 chiropractic manipulations, neuromobilization and an exercise program as their treatment had their shooting pain resolved.

What are your options for getting pain relief and what should you do after a car accident?

You Do Have An Answer To Your Personal Injury or Whiplash Injuries

Isn’t it relieving to know there are solutions out there and that you won’t have to suffer for months – or even years after your whiplash injuries and back pain? Yet you’re in a unique place right now to have even come across this information.

Many people who are suffering from whiplash injuries and back pain literally become part of the statistic of thousands of people who drag themselves around with pain day to day for months or years simply because they didn’t know what to do differently that would work. They may even get an insurance settlement or med-pay from their personal injury attorney, but the settlement still can’t erase the pain or speed up their recovery of their injuries. Thus, their quality of life is poor. What they need is healing.

A Littleton Chiropractor Makes Use of the Latest Pain-Relieving Technology

All these new medical studies are only some of the new information that your Littleton chiropractor, Dr. Ron Spallone is already using with great success in recovery for patients who suffer from whiplash injuries and back pain from car accidents in Littleton and the surrounding area.

Technologically Advanced Modalities Used to Decrease Recovery Time

Dr. Spallone is a master at finding and using all the best pain-free methods of healing in his practice and could be your Littleton chiropractor. He uses the following technologically advanced methods of healing your back and neck pain resulting from whiplash injuries sustained in a car accident in Littleton:

ProAdjustor: Using some of the finest NASA technology, the ProAdjustor scientifically calculates which vertebrae are out of alignment by measuring the neurological resistance in the tissues at every spinal level. With this tool, a sufficient mechanical force is delivered to your spinal vertebrae to “wake up” the nerves so they will begin firing again, bringing healing to your surrounding tissues.

The ProAdjustor doesn’t hurt and no twisting or turning or “cracking sounds” are heard. When your nerves are working, your nervous system is integrating healing to your physical body.

Class IV Therapeutic Laser: Lasers have brought Star Trek healing light energy technology into the chiropractor’s and medical doctor’s offices in the last decade. You can expect a greater stimulation of healing from Class IV Therapeutic Lasers, which eliminate congestion and inflammation, bring circulation to the painful area, and stimulate the growth of new collagen for brand new tissues to be created.

“Every part of your body is designed to heal itself,“ says Littleton chiropractor Dr. Ron Spallone, “…and we can greatly accelerate that process with this laser.”

Electrical Modalities: These modalities create muscle contraction and relaxation, retraining muscles to begin working again.

Soft Tissue Work: Massage therapy is instrumental in just about every type of injury, including whiplash injuries from car accidents in Littleton. Plus, you’ll feel extremely relaxed for the rest of your day! Dr. Spallone is also one of the few practitioners around who uses Trigenics Neuro-manual therapy to achieve pain relief and improved function.

Kinesiotaping: Kinesiotaping is the use of elastic therapeutic tape that stretches up to 140% of its length and recoils back to its original shape. This gives you a greater range of motion, interferes with pain signals, decreases swelling and inflammation, and increases circulation to the tissues. This therapeutic tape calms down the muscles that are overworked when you have a personal injury, work injury or injuries from car accidents. We use RockTape.

Spinal Decompression: This technologically advanced chiropractic tool has over a dozen studies behind it that prove it works to relieve the pain of stenosis and herniated disks, with many patients reporting they are out of pain for the first time while undergoing the first treatment. The method applies traction, and then releases the traction in carefully selected time intervals that end up “sucking” the herniated disk back into the spinal canal.

Spinal decompression is the #1 chiropractic tool that medical doctors wish they had!

Traction: There are many times when a patient sustains a work injury or injuries from a car accident in Littleton and compressive forces cause much pain. These patients feel as if they are bearing the weight of the world on the joint that has been injured. Traction instantly removes the compressive forces – and your Littleton chiropractor, Dr. Ron Spallone offers this treatment to you as well if your condition requires it.

Nutritional Protocols: Feeding your body the nutrients it needs is always Step #1 if you want to heal. You can’t get any nutrients from pain medications! “To decrease your recovery time, we want to make it easy for your body to choose to heal itself, says Dr. Ron Spallone, your Littleton chiropractor.

PEMF: This is truly one of the most amazing advanced technologies to use that decreases your recovery time via magnetic and pulsed magnetic therapy that uses the Schumann frequencies shown to be the most effective for healing and regeneration.

Thousands of patients can vouch for the fact that if they had found excellent chiropractic care in Littleton after their car injury earlier, they wouldn’t have had to put up with so much pain and suffering. They could have gotten their life back a long time ago!

Similarly, hundreds of patients of Dr. Spallone have put their back pain and neck pain from whiplash injuries from a car accident in Littleton totally in their past. Their healing is complete. Their body is restored.

It’s time for you to make the phone call to our office. Let’s work together and get you out of pain, get those muscles, bones and joints and your spine working as they should, and increase your quality of life! Why spend another day in pain? We accept your car insurances med-pay in most every case.

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