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About Us


Everyone Should Have an Office Like This on Their Healthcare Team

We are an all-natural, integrated, complimentary and alternative health care clinic.

Our clinic director, Dr. Ron Spallone, is a chiropractor, but this is far from the typical 'strip-mall', 'rack and crack' chiropractic office.

We have medical staff who are highly trained in cutting edge regenerative therapies to give non-surgical solutions to chronic joint and soft tissue injuries and conditions.

Our medical side of the clinic also performs procedures to address overall health and wellness such as functional medicine labs, all-natural hormone replacement, trigger point injections, Prolozone therapy, platelet therapy, and the very exciting world of peptide therapy

On the other side of the clinic we have a nationally recognized, award-winning chiropractor who specializes in unique approaches to chronic and acute back, neck and extremity joint pain and soft-tissue injuries.

Many of our patients and families frequent our clinic to address everyday aches and pains and conditons that their primary care physician just might not have the wherewithall to tend to effectively and efficiently. 

"Everyone should have an office like this on their healthcare team."

~Dave Logan

Our results and outcomes with the cases we accept are quite astonishing, especially to many patients who didn't know that services like ours even were even available.



Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado
10268 West Centennial Rd, Suite 201
Littleton, CO 80127
Phone: 617-616-8525

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