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What is Amino Neurofrequency Therapy in Littleton, Colorado?

What is Amino Neurofrequency Therapy in Littleton, Colorado?

Dr. Ron Spallone, a chiropractor and clinic director of Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado, in Littleton, offers a cutting-edge, highly effective therapy for chronic pain known as “Amino Neurofrequency Therapy” or "ANF Therapy". It’s a new science in energy medicine that has the capabilities of producing profound results for people with chronic pain.

The Amino Neurofrequency discs are wearable technology made of carbonized metal. Carbonized metal is capable of holding an electrical charge. Treatment with Neurofrequency discs or sometimes referred to as Neurofrequency "patches", can be charged with a frequency ranging anywhere from 25 Hz to 2GHz, each having a separate effect on the body and tissues on which they are placed. 

Each 1" circular disc is infused with a separate frequency specifically charged to elicit a certain response in the body thereby normalizing the cellular physiology to relieve pain while improving the physiological environment of the injured or painful tissue. The doctor assesses the patient via physical exam, muscle testing and/or palpation to obtain objective findings and levels of pain. Then, based on the clinical findings can choose the specific treatment that Neurofrequency treatment that decreases the signs and symptoms.

Many times the results come within minutes, even in cases where the patient has had pain for months or years. By improving the signaling directly at the cellular level, without the use of chemicals or machines the results are fast and free of side effects, although detox (cleansing) reactions are possible, but sometimes necessary as the healing takes place. 

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