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Failed Back Surgery Treatment - Littleton Clinic

In the U.S., more than 1,150,000 people go under the knife for spinal problems every year, a rate double that of most developed countries and five times that of the United Kingdom, says Richard A. Deyo, M.D., professor of evidence-based family medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. Yet the outcomes have been no better. "Maybe 5 percent of patients with back pain need surgery," says Dr. Charles Rosen, MD.

Advanced and improvement surgical techniques have not yet conquered the ability to repeatedly reduce back pain experienced by most patients, some of whom have the notion that undergoing back surgery will change their conditions and rid them of their problems. Despite such technological advances in surgery, many spinal surgeries just don’t turn out as expected. 

In some cases, patients will suffer from spine surgery pain, also referred to as failed spinal surgery pain, where they experience excruciating spinal pain after undergoing a surgery. Physicians refer to different patient end results and the reasons for their pain to help them determine how different patients respond to the treatment, how long they take to do so as well as how to curb these problems that seems persistent.

Quite a large number of people are victims of back pain in the United States as shown through data collected, that approximately 85% of the older population in their lifetime suffers as a result from this. Studies conducted out over a period of years have revealed that the rate of spinal surgeries carried out has risen by 200%. 

From statistics collected, it shows that the more one undergoes spinal surgeries, the less the results turn out to be a success.

In our Littleton, Colorado clinic we use energy medicine and special non-surgical laser therapy in order to help patients with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

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