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Effective Drugless Concussion Treatment in Littleton/Denver, Colorado

Treating Concussions Using Neurofeedback in Littleton

Learn About The Most Successful Treatment For Concussions That Most Doctors Are Not Telling You About 

It’s never to early or late to assess brain function. Concussions can cause abnormal brainwaves and therefore overall brain function which can effect mood, energy, sleep patterns, and memory as well as other cognitive tasks and may also lead to pre-mature aging and ill-health.

Concussions from accidents (motor vehicle and car accidents) or sports like football, soccer, lacrosse, and hockey can lead to altered sensory and cognitive function as well as overall brain health that may be negatively impaired when a concussion is sustained early in life, according to two new studies. 

New Concussion Studies

According to researchers, when there is a history of concussion prior to age 18, young adults in their 20’s show that perceptual and sensory processing at a lower level is affected negatively and that higher order neurocognitive functions are chronically impaired. To determine and prove this they used sensitive measures of brain function and compared the results to adults of a similar age who had no history of concussion. 

The initial set of symptoms are addressed by traditional medical treatments including drugs. However, these treatments do not focus on rehabilitation and long term recovery therapy. 

At our Concussion Treatment Center in Littleton, CO (Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado) we concentrate on Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine and Neuro-integration in the form of Neurofeedback to help relieve and restore function that has been abnormally effected from concussion. We use the technologies and rehabilitation therapies that are brain based and that are cutting edge in order to improve the function of the brain and its overall health without resorting to surgery or pharmaceutical drugs. 

We are able to help people who have experienced a concussion and who are: 

* Continually suffering with issues and symptoms long after the concussion. 

* Unable to concentrate or focus and have poor memory capability.

* Experiencing problems with balance, vertigo, dizziness, and brain fog. 

* Affected by behavioral or personality changes. 

* Not being treated with rehabilitation and treatments designed to work over the long term after experiencing one or more concussions. 

* Unable to find a solution that effectively rehabilitates them after a TBI. 

* Frustrated with the solutions provided by their primary care doctor, including just being prescribed drugs

* Tired of being told that it will take more time or that nothing more can be done. 

If You Are Looking for Concussion Treatment in Littleton….

We may be able to help if one or more of the items listed above sounds familiar. We use our technology, experience and knowledge to help our patients successfully resolve the function of their brain instead of simply masking the symptoms. 

Because we use the most current rehabilitation protocols and cutting edge technology, we are able to locate the brain regions that are improperly functioning. Once we understand which region or regions are in need of care, we create a rehabilitation and treatment plan to restore brain function following a brain injury or concussion. We use research and evidence as the basis of our treatment plans, unlike many ‘franchise-like’ brain treatment centers. 

Brain injuries and concussions are highly complex. Working with someone with a high degree of understanding in brain-based rehabilitation is is imperative if you truly want to get better.

It makes sense to measure brain wave activity, since the brain is an electrochemical organ. In order to track patient progress and determine clinical need, this technology is in use at our clinic. The first step we take is to perform a Brain Map or quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) it is a painless procedure where electrodes are placed on the scalp in order to detect the electrical activity in each of the brain's lobes. An extensive report for the doctor is sent once an individual's data has been collected. This data is compared to a normative database and the need for treatment can be quantified and accurately recommended.

Neurointegration Therapy is a treatment designed to restore brain wave activity to healthy levels. This approach to multi-sensory brainwave therapy is scientifically founded and groundbreaking for the treatment of unhealthy brain activity. The brain is guided using photic computerized technology that is driven by feedback from the EEG in auditory and visual areas. The effectiveness of this type of training has been demonstrated in more than 1600 studies. 

In addition to Neurofeedback, also known as Neurointegration. We also incorporate other functional neurology practices as needed per the individual. Brain science and healing is our passion. We use an individualized and step-by-step process with each of our patients that has been proven in order to restore brain function following a concussion or an injury. 

How To Recover From A Concussion ---- What To Do Next?

Step 1: Use state of the art objective testing (Brain Map) to conduct a comprehensive neurological exam. 

Step 2: Pinpoint which brain regions require rehab and treatment by analyzing the results form your tests. 

Step 3: Develop a treatment plan tailored to meet your individual needs.

The neurological exam and Brain Map will be performed in our Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Clinic by Dr. Ron Spallone who has treated hundreds of professional athletes. This one-time offer will get your brain mapped and analyzed for just $95. (It usually costs $395.) The exam consists of a detailed analysis of the brain map with a review of medical history and a report of the findings. 

Need Effective Concussion Treatment in Littleton, CO? Simply fill out the form below to get on the road to recovery and get your life back.

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