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Concussion Treatment in Denver Metro Area- all-natural, effective, drug-free

Concussions can also be described as a Traumatic Brain Injury , commonly known as TBI. Over 75% of all TBIs are mild, which means that there is only brief loss of consciousness or none at all. In most of these cases, the physical examination and CT scan or MRI testing is normal. An important but little-known fact is that concussions can occur without loss of consciousness, and do so frequently.

TBIs are a very common issue among those that have experienced a motor vehicle accident. or in youth and adults that participate in sports. Over half of all reported traumatic brain injuries result from vehicular accident. In addition to a high prevalence, TBIs can result in numerous discomforting and crippling side effects, both physically and mentally as time goes on after the initial injury. In fact, TBIs are the leading cause for disability in Canada for people under the age of 40. Because of this, it is vital that traumatic brain injuries are assessed completely, and are both monitored and treated effectively.

In some cases, patients suffering from a concussion do not recover and experience TBI symptoms for months or even years after the initial trauma. This is known as post-concussion syndrome (PCS) and is experience by approximately 15% of TBI sufferers.

Symptoms of concussion and TBIs usually fall into four categories:


Difficulty thinking clearly
Feeling slowed down
Difficulty concentrating
Difficulty remembering information


Headache; with or without blurry vision
Nausea or vomiting (usually an early symptom)
Sensitivity to noise or light
Balance problems
Feeling tired; having no energy; fatigue and malaise


More emotional
Nervousness or anxiety


Sleeping more than usual
Sleep less than usual
Difficulty falling asleep

Neurofeedback as a treatment for abnormal brainwaves stemming form brain injury is a safe an effective treatment once abnormal brainwaves have been identified. A concussion or traumatic brain injury, by definition, kills brain cells. Neurofeedback, by definition creates new brain pathways and by nature creates what is known as neurogenesis which is a growth of new brain cells. Neurogenesis or the growth of new brain cells has become a trending topic in the past few years – partly because I think, it just sounds healthy. Everyone is looking for an effective treatment for post-concussion syndrome as well as some sort of hack/edge on the competition and growing new brain cells sounds pretty advantageous, right? The reality is that we don’t exactly know what the benefits of growing these new cells are, but generating new cells certainly sounds like a logical counter to killing brain cells via trauma.

The first step in identifying whether or not there has been an ate ration of brain function is to get why is known as a BrainMap, which is a QEEG or a Quantitative Electro-Encephalogram, which is a real-time assessment of the brain targeting the individual lobes and broken down by each brainwave (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta). 

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