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Concussion Treatment Center in Littleton, CO

A brief introduction to concussion treatment in Littleton, CO-

The brain is made of very soft tissue. It's cushioned and protected by spinal fluid and encased in the protective shell known as the skull. When you sustain a concussion, (or Traumatic Brain Injury; TBI) the impact can literally jolt your brain inside your skull and the impact of the brain against the skull can cause an injury. Oftentimes people think they may not have a concussion because their head ‘didn’t hit anything’, but as described above, that it not a requirement. Traumatic brain injuries can cause bruising, damage to the blood vessels that supply the brain tissue with oxygen and nutrients, and can also cause injury to the vast array of nerves within the brain.

What happens then? Your brain doesn't function normally afterward. Concussions can manifest its effects in a wide variety of areas such as:

Decreased Attention Span

Mood swings


Memory Problems

Ringing in Ears (Tinnitus)

Social Withdrawal


Impulsive Behavior Visual Disturbances

Brain Fog

Sensitivity to Light and/or Noise

Concentration Difficulties

With a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the brain itself needs to be targeted with treatment in order to have success in healing the trauma. With neurofeedback in our Littleton clinic, the brain is exercised. The specific areas of the brain affected by the TBI are 1st identified and targeted during neurofeedback therapy. Often in the case of TBI, a neurofeedback practitioner will utilize a qEEG Brain Map to determine which areas of the brian were injured and not functioning properly and therefore which areas of the brain that should be targeted with treatment. A variety of symptoms can be improved through neurofeedback training, such as speech, movement, regulating moods, controlling behavior, and reducing intensity and frequency of headaches.

Neurofeedback works because the brain regulates each of those issues. For people recovering from a concussion or TBI, neurofeedback training can be particularly helpful in improving speech, fatigue, concentration difficulties as well as the other symptoms listed above. During neurofeedback training, the specific areas of the brain related to the dysfunction and symptom can be targeted. In this way, the areas associated with an abnormality can be strengthened and improved. 

If you or your child has suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury from a car accident or from a sports injury, getting a Brain Map qEEG is a great place to start. As with all events in life the brain is a healing machine and is constantly doing so. In some cases the body is able to heal itself with little to no repercussion. But if you feel there are residual symptoms that are interfering in your ability to be well, be assured there are proactive treatments to be able to recover your health.

Once the Brain Map is obtained, you would go over the results with the doctor or therapist to then identify any malfucntioning areas of the brain and map out a treatment plan to be able to exercise the brain back to health based off of your individual Brain Map results. For a consultation or to schedule a Brain Map for concussion treatment in Littleton, please fill out the form below or call 303-794-5255. 

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